PORLWI – MCB Granary Walk-Through

Leading through the timeless street where nature has taken over the existing structures, overpowered by the immensity and history of the Granary, the beauty of the existing space comes alive through the art.


  • Walk on waterlilies and celebrate mother earth’s womb.
  • Travel through 31, back to the trickling of the ropes, where you can start over or carry on.
  • Take your time or make it fast. However, you choose to walk through, enjoy the journey.
  • Pass the waterfall and embark on a solitary journey across the sea.
  • Breathe and take a walk-through green Port Louis, the suspended garden, embroidered nature, satellites in bloom and industrial-feeling forest.
  • Stop and reflect on the evolution of mankind and its dependence to nature.




Alain Gernigon, Alix Le Juge, Elizabeth De Marcy Chelin & Toma Roda, Emizibo, Evan Sohun, Florence Drachsler, Krishna Luchoomun, Neermala Luckeenarain, Nirveda Alleck, Salim Currimjee, Shirin Gunny & Simon Back


Curated by

Charlie D’hotman, Imaaya

Under the patronage of MCB Group

#porlwi #porlwibynature

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